The Appeal of Tokyo Online University

What you learn today, you can use immediately.
What you learn, you can use forever from this day forward.

"The things I learned during my lunch hour, I was able to use in my work that day." You can use what you learn immediately in your work or in your day-to-day living, from the moment you learn it. This is the appeal of the classes offered by Tokyo Online University.
We offer learning not only in special fields of study, but also in relevant fields you are interested in, so we can be of your help should you wish to further enhance or change careers, change jobs, or acquire license.
We can be the engine that enables you to grow, and drive your life forward.
This is what learning at Tokyo Online University is all about.

Message from the President

Providing the freedom of opportunities to learn.
To each and every person who aspires to take an active part in today’s changing society.

Prof. Yoichi Muraoka President of Tokyo Online University

Prof. Yoichi Muraoka President of Tokyo Online University

Completed a doctoral program in Computer Science at the University of Illinois, USA. Ph.D. in Computer Science. Successively held the positions of Director of the Data Communication System Laboratory at the Research Institute of Electrical Communication of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (currently known as NTT), Professor of the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University, Vice President of Waseda University, Member of the Science Council of Japan, and Vice President of the Information Processing Society of Japan. Currently serves as professor emeritus at Waseda University.

Tokyo Online University will nurture people who will take an active part in today’s society by providing the freedom of “opportunities to learn,” so learning can take place anytime, anywhere.

First, we provide the freedom from “worries about money.”
We made every effort to establish a tuition structure that is the lowest among universities where graduation is possible solely by studying online, without actually setting foot in a classroom.

Second, we provide the freedom from ” time and place to learn.”
Our program enables you to graduate from our university just by taking 15-minute video classes that watch on a smartphone or personal computer, so you can study anytime, anywhere.

The Faculty of Information and Management will nurture people who can create new added values by mastering “the ability to analyze management issues” and “the ability to make business proposals,” based on information technology and business administration knowledge.

The Faculty of Human Welfare will not only provide support to students for obtaining license for positions such as social welfare workers, but also nurture them to take a leading role in a new “the integrated community care system ” that will enable the community as a whole to provide support to the elderly and other people who require assistance.

Furthermore, our university also provides the “intelligence” that is needed to effectively utilize the acquired knowledge, through the liberal arts curriculum which cover broad range of today’s social issues.

We look forward to welcoming students whose intention is to learn, and whose desire is to take active part in society.

Outline of the university

Name Tokyo Online University
Founder > Japan Educational Foundation
Degrees offered Bachelor of Information and Management
Bachelor of Human Welfare
Faculties and Departments Faculty of Information and Management, Department of Information and Management
Faculty of Human Welfare, Department of Human Welfare
The number of students to be admitted 400 students (Department of Information and Management)
400 students (Department of Human Welfare)
Date of Openning April 2018
Tuition Fees Admission fee ¥20,000
Tuition (1st year) ¥180,000
Student registration management fee (annually) ¥20,000
Total costs for 1st year ¥220,000
Total costs from admission to graduation ¥620,000
※Expenses will be required for educational materials in addition to the above mentioned expenses, depending on the subjects taken.
※Depending on the subject, a schooling fee of ¥2,500 per credit and internship fee of ¥3,000 per credit may be required. Moreover, ¥103,000 or more in expenses related to practical training may be required for students aiming to obtain social worker or psychiatric social worker licenses. The required expenses may change due to re-evaluation of the education course curriculum for social workers and psychiatric social workers by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. ※Due to the “Compensation System for Public Transmission for Educational Purposes” established by the government’s amendment of the Copyright Act, payment of compensation is required.
※Admission fee, tuition, student registration management fee, expenses related to practical training, schooling fee, etc. are subject to change. Please refer to this website for the latest information.
※The university also has a system that allows students to study even just a single subject.
Campus Tokyo : Shinjuku Ekimae Campus (Cocoon Tower)
Osaka : Osaka Ekimae Satellite Campus (Osaka Mode Gakuen / HAL Osaka)
Nagoya : Nagoya Ekimae Satellite Campus (Spiral Towers)
Location 1-7-3, Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 160-0023
TEL. +81 3-3344-2222


(10:00~20:00 日曜・祝日、8/13~15、12/26~1/5を除く)